Marlene Dietrich

Born on December 27, 1901, in Berlin, Germany, Marlene Dietrich(Maria Magdalene Dietrich). In her teens, she gave up music to explore acting. She appeared in her first film, Tragedy of Love, in 1923. She explored notions of feminism with her femme fatale roles in films, such as in the film Morocco. She died on May 6, 1992, in Paris, France.One of the most glamorous leading ladies of the 1930s and 1940s, Marlene Dietrich is remembered for her smoldering sex appeal, distinctive voice, and unusual personal style. Her police officer father died when she was young, and her mother later married Edouard von Losch, a cavalry officer.
She attended Max Reinhardt’s drama school and soon started to land small parts on stage and in German films. Because of her family’s disapproval of her career choice, Dietrich chose to use a combination of her first and middle name professionally. In 1923, Marlene married Rudolf Sieber, a film professional who helped her land a part in Tragedy of Love. They had their only child, Maria, the following year. They later separated, but never divorced.
Marlene’s career in Germany began to take off in the late 1920s. Making film history, she was cast in Germany’s first talking picture Der Blaue Engel by Hollywood director Josef von Sternberg. An English language version, The Blue Angel, was also filmed using the same cast. With her sultry good looks and sophisticated manner, she was a natural for the role of Lola Lola, a nightclub dancer. The film follows the decline of a local professor who gives up everything to have a relationship with her character. A big hit, the film helped make Dietrich a star in the United States.

Continuing to play the femme fatale, Marlene challenged accepted notions of feminity. She often wore pants and more masculine fashions on- and off-screen, which added to her unique allure and created new trends. Dietrich made several more films with von Sternberg, including Dishonored, Shanghai Express and The Scarlet Empress, in which she played the famed member of Russian royalty, Catherine the Great. Their last film together was The Devil Is a Woman, reportedly her personal favorite film. Considered by many to her most ultimate portrayal of a vamp, Marlene played a cold-hearted temptress who captivates several men during the Spanish revolution. 

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